in Just 3 months, make your child a
whole brain thinker

In Just 03 Months,

Witness an increase in your
child's ability to Score Good
Grades in Examinations

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With Whole Brain Thinking,
your child will not need Tuitions
and will avoid ROTE Learning.

With Whole Brain Thinking, your child will not need Tuitions and will avoid ROTE Learning.

Within 01 Month,
Your Child will witness

1. Improved Self-confidence
2. Emotional Maturity
3. Stress-free examinations
4. Stress-free learning
5. Longer Attention span
6. Enhanced Grasping
7. Increased Memory
8. Excellent recall capability

and More

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What is Neuro+Cognition?

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Neuro: Neural Wiring in the Brain

The neural wiring of the brain is a complex and dynamic system that is constantly changing throughout our lives, as we learn and experience new things.

Cognition: Algorithms of the Mind

Learning involves acquiring knowledge and skills through experience. This can be seen as an algorithmic process that involves encoding information into memory, consolidating it through repetition, and retrieving it when needed.

What is Whole Brain Thinking ?

Left Brain : Analytical Center

The left hemisphere of the brain is primarily responsible for logical and analytical thinking, as well as verbal communication and language processing.

Right Brain : Creative Center

The Right hemisphere of the brain is primarily responsible for many cognitive functions, including creativity, intuition, and spatial awareness.

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Benefits of
Whole Brain Thinking

Enhanced Grasping

Avg. Increase in Grasping


Longer Attention span

Enhanced Attention Span


Clarity of Thought

Avg. improvement in Clarity


Communication Skills

Improved Communication Skills

Numerical Intelligence

Enhanced Numerical Intelligence

Intuitive Intelligence

Heightened Intuitive intelligence

and more ....

Negative Impacts of
Rote Learning

Sukshma Dhrashta is a scientifically proven Program with FMRI Results

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Divyam Singal

My intuition has improved, and I am able to come up with ideas much more quickly. I am physically fitter and more athletic from what I used to be before the program. I feel Emotional and mental Stability throughout the day, specially during examinations. 

Aum Vyas

Earlier i use to be a very introvert and shy person but now after joining Sukshma Dhrashta program i am able to communicate and talk confidently and also i am no more camera shy.

Now, I don’t fear speaking on the Stage.

Akshaya Ramakrishnan

The program has helped me improve my communication skills and be more open to others. I am able to interact with others more easily. Academically, I don’t need to study a lot, just a read through the book is enough to help me remember the key concepts.

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